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The AnaLog: The ‘Return’ of Triple A

I know you all missed me a lot, but the good news is that Triple A is back!

Asher, they don’t even know who we are.

Sorry, what? I couldn’t hear you over the sound of everyone celebrating our return.

(You’re not a hero here.)

Not yet, Archer. Not yet.

Hi everyone, we’re the first ones to be here on the AnaLog. I’m Archer; this dweeb is Asher.

I mostly go by Ash now. Sometimes Miles, my middle name, because as our lovely author found out as soon as we were in the same book, it’s easy to mix us up when you’re reading both of our names when they both start with A and end with Er.

We’re known as Triple A because we have another member of our ‘team,’ Auryon, who hasn’t really been in the tendency of having an online presence…

We used to have our own blog. Then El ditched us for this blog, because apparently she thought she could do better without us. Clearly she missed us too much to not have us on her blog anymore. 

And this is going to be really long if we don’t go ahead and start to give some explanation of our beginnings, so we’re going to get started. Just in case you’re wondering where our writer is, she hasn’t been in the mood for writing, so she kind of left this up to us for self-introductions.

In any case, Ash, take it away. 

…just don’t take it too far away.

Yeah, yeah. Hey peeps! I’m Asher Miles Pierson, AKA Ash, AKA Miles, AKA the most fun member of Guardians of New Earth? We took a poll on it before.

Which… you didn’t win.

What a jokester. 

Huuummm where to start? Well, first off, Archie Archer Archibald Archer (he doesn’t like us calling him Archie if you couldn’t tell) and I aren’t from your time period. El and her friends conveniently decided to put us in the year 3012, where WWV has just ended and the world is basically trashed! I grew up in a world of Nanopeeps, which are basically —

Okay, writer’s intrusion: cut me a lot of slack, because I was fourteen when these books were written. Nanopeeps? Very original, I know. Apocalypse in 3012? Cliché. But that’s what happened in their world, so I’ll let Ash continue.

— which are basically zombies controlled by an evil dude who later became our… Psht. You know what? If you’re interested in reading our books’ synopses, you can check them out here. I’m too lazy for this.

Efficient. Nice.

You guys didn’t used to be this lazy.

Call it ‘character development.’ Also, I thought you weren’t going to intr —

Alright, I get that you don’t want me here. 

Anyway! I guess the most important information you need to know is that I have a twin sister, Ashley, and that I’m part of the Guardians of New Earth. Which is basically a club. Of young people. With superpowers. 

It’s dope.

Since when did you use the word do —

So basically, we’re superheroes. I can control metals with my sheer will. I can bend titanium with my bare hands! I have the power to —

Hi, I’m Archer. I’m technically from fourteen years before Ash’s time, but due to weird time bends and phenomenons, I’m now the same age and time as he and the rest are. I’m sure you’ll learn more about that later as we continue this AnaLog. My ability is to manipulate… well, it’s kind of unclear as to what I’m actually controlling. My best guess is that it’s some kind of combination of heat and light, which comes out most naturally in the form of a flame. At the same time, though, those can be further manipulated to —

Bingo, one major difference between the two of us: he’s a total nerd and I’m semi-cool.

(Geddit? Because he mostly uses fire and I’m cooler than he is??)

You guys have gotten into the bad habit of interrupting people.

…not to be sarcastic or anything, but who do you think we got it from?

That was very sarcastic, Archer. Also, friendly reminder that we’re used to having our own individual blog posts. 

Bruh. You haven’t had the blog for four months.


Um… weren’t you too tired to participate in this…?

I was until I saw how badly you guys were botching it up. 

Anyways, yes, these are my first two offspring of the pen.

Way to make it sound weird.

The third is A of Triple A is Auryon, a legitimately antisocial elf that they meet when — spoiler alert — the humans move from earth to another planet called NEW EARTH (whoa, the originality even scares me) at the end of the first book, Radiation. Which gave birth to the name, Guardians of New Earth. Since I wrote these books with two other friends, there are eleven main (er, mostly main) characters in the last two books, which gets chaotic, but these are my main three characters from there. You might get some brief references to the other heroes, but this is it for now. Thanks for your patience!

Nice to meet you! See you later.

And this is your first post from the AnaLog. 

Peas out! (I love being able to say that again.) [I am legitimately happy he can say that again too.]