Welcome (and About)

You can look for me in an airport.

On a rooftop.

You can look for me on a couch with my computer, probably looking up interesting and/or concerning questions.

You can look for me wandering on the streets, flying on a bike, swaying on a bus. Wherever I might happen to be. You can look through the winding roads of the Shire, among the gleaming pillars of Cair Paravel, amidst the grimy dungeons of dragons as comrades whisper, ‘It’s dangerous to go alone…’

You can look for me through the depths of the night in front of a small lamp as paper after paper flies onto a wall in an attempt to form something cohesive.

AnD yEt…

You have happened to find me here, in a random little nook filled with spurts of writing, thoughts, poetry, and identity crises. Welcome. I am your host who is generally incompetent, unfunny, and too lazy to even match the writing tones used on this page. Truth be told, I would love to write ‘poetically’ all the time, but sarcasm is my Elvish name; the two versions like to come out at different times, and here we are left with another ordinary human who doesn’t know how to combine the two in a proper manner.

Should you choose to follow this ride, be warned that the content tends to:

(1. Overuse parentheses (in such a manner that might irritate some people even though the use may be completely unnecessary as in this pleasant example right here);

(2. Change gears and subjects quickly, while often going back to touch on certain ones again;

(3. Take pleasure in writing in a casual, childish voice.

That said, thank you for joining us today, and feel free to take a look about the ship.

Behind the Name