Welcome (and About)

Hi. Welcome to my blog. My name is Elisabeth. My other names are 时慧, 시헤, and 雪(ゆき). I happen to be at the inconvenient age where I can officially go to adult prison, and I can legally drink in over 155 countries (the USA not included) — because both facts obviously mean a lot to me.

This blog was for my Creative Writing (CW) class with The Potter’s School, and because we weren’t instructed to make our blogs more formal, I’m going to keep a sarcastic, distant tone of voice with viewers…

Just kidding.

Well, no, not really.

I could share my life story here, but it’s more fun to drop random little bits into stories so that you guys have more fun playing detective/psychologist. All you really need to know is that I haven’t been diagnosed with any mental disorders yet, and that I really like staring at the sky.

If you’re still wondering about the name, maybe you can satisfy your curiosity here, and the main page here is the blog, most of which will probably contain writing assignments, poetry, writing-related things, and some random thoughts. You can also check out some  of my creative pieces from class if you’re interested.

Also, before you go on, please know that all writing on this blog is original work unless otherwise noted, so it’d be greatly appreciated if you didn’t plagiarize .-. Because that’s just kind of sad on both ends. For me because you’ve stolen my stuff, and for you because you’re stealing, which is bad.

Thanks! (Enter beatific smile.)

NOTE: Because this was mostly for class, I marked most assignments with “(CW)” to label it as a Creative Writing piece. “(CWS#)” stands for a piece for the Creative Writing Sandbox category, and the number next to it will be for chronological tracking.