Welcome (and About)

I’m so good at writing these About pages.

Hi there. I’m just another writer who often thinks I have all the answers even when I try to remind myself that I don’t.

I’m not the kind who instinctively speaks or writes very poetically. Things just come out, often sarcastically, except for the rare moments where the world has a few nice things like storms and long soft grass and mochi ice cream.

It’s a little bit like being your average human who thinks they’re different and feels darker than many but still has a very childish side to them. It’s a little bit like knowing everyone’s the same in many respects, but still trying to prove one’s own individuality.

I write. I muse. I rant. I throw words together on a page and insult artists by calling it poetry. I spew random facts out in a knowledgeable tone. I insert random thoughts into the world to see what it does with it, then crumble up the page and start anew because it’s never good enough.

Constantly searching for a place to be at home in.

Just me.

Behind the Name