How to Read the Bible (Quote)

‘If we come to Scripture with our minds made up, expecting to hear from it an echo of our own thoughts and never the thunderclap of God’s, then indeed he will not speak to us and we shall only be confirmed in our own prejudices. We must allow the Word of God to confront us, disturb our security, to undermine our complacency and to overthrow our patterns of thought and behaviour.’

– John Stott

Mask (Quote)

‘Perhaps it’s impossible to wear an identity without becoming what you pretend to be.’

– Orson Scott Card, Ender’s Game

Truth / Love (Quote)

‘Truth without love is harshness; it gives us information but in such a way that we cannot really hear it. Love without truth is sentimentality; it supports and affirms us but keeps us in denial about our flaws.’

— Timothy Keller

Trust (Quote)

‘If someone says, “Don’t trust someone,” do we have to believe them? Or in order to believe that one person’s words, do we have to doubt everything?’

– 하우진, Liar Game (2014)

Fear of Death (Quote)

‘To fear death, gentlemen, is no other than to think oneself wise when one is not, to think one knows what one does not know. No one knows whether death may not be the greatest of all blessings for a man, yet men fear it as if they knew that it is the greatest of evils.’

– Socrates, Apology