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Free Verse: This is a Test

of humanity

to see

how much ‘art’ we can appreciate because it is spoon-fed to us in small bites,

Rather than something longer and harder to read.

This is a test for yourself

to make you question, ‘What are we here for in the first place?’

To which we can reply,

‘Cheap entertainment’ —

an answer no one can refute.

June 30, 2019

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Free Verse: Don’t Look Around

Don’t look around

for fear of finding more of these flaws you can do nothing about.

Keep your head down

like the rest of humanity working in this hellish cave;

do not raise too loud a voice for fear of the walls crumbling in around you.

Don’t fear, they’ll tell you,

and glance around with white eyes full of something that must not be fear after all —

You thought wrong again.

– June 27, 2019




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Free Verse: The Colour of Emotions

Green, yellow, angry, blue…

Do I see them the same as you?

Sad, worried, orange, glad —

Are they the same still, through and through?

You never know if the colours you see

Are the names of the colours other people perceive.

You never know if the things you feel

Are the same as the ones others claim to conceal.

Is emotion a colour? Is emotion a pain?

Are the emotions we feel all really the same?

If you’ve never seen through another one’s eyes,

Can you say that you’ve known both their blue and grey skies?

– April 3, 2019

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Transient Beauty: 桜が咲いている、桜が降っている

Take the time to appreciate the beauty of life;

桜が咲いている; 桜が降っている。。。

Take time to admire the melancholy sky


Before the sweet blossoms are lost to a gentle memory,


Before the sugar of time is melted in the grind of every ordinary day,




Life is blooming.

Life is fleeting.

Do not forget to live it.

– May 30, 2019

Translations by line:

The sakura is blooming; the sakura is falling…

Before the rain stops falling.

Savour it, right?

Live it, shouldn’t you?

The sakura is blooming.

The sakura is falling.

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Free Verse: jacks of all trades

jacks of all trades, masters of none,

they have the whole world as they always must run

from hither to thither in a triumphant frenzy

from hobby to fancy, from others’ green envy.

they dance; they can sing; they’re intelligent, too;

of them it is said, ‘there is no one like you;

you have the potentials and gifts of this life;

you know and care not for the focused one’s strife.’

for not only that; they may calculate well,

and know the great stories and trends and can tell

when people are lying or people are loving,

when people are sly or they really know nothing.

yet of all of the things others often don’t see,

the jacks of all trades have a burden to keep–

for though such great worlds may look well within reach,

we know every glimpse is the shore of a beach

that goes beyond anything we can chase after:

the forests, the plains, of the ace and the master.

your hands and your mind will only just carry

the joys of a new thrill before they will tarry

and look for another event to call home,

which is why, really really, we do each to their own.

and which is why everyone should really just be thankful for what they can do.

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Couplet Wannabe: When You Look in the Mirror

When you look in the mirror, what do you see?

The truth, a lie, something stuck in between?

Is it a window to the outside walls to something you’ve so often forgotten existed,

Or a portrait of a fighter who has somehow persisted?


Perhaps it’s a failure, a reminder of things,

Things wanted and wished for, but not meant to be.


It could be a terror, the thing you avoid

For fear of the thought that it might be a void;

Or it could be a pride, the one that you hide

For fear of the judgement it hails from outside.


In the gaze that stares back til you’ve never felt bolder,

Does beauty exist in the eye or the beholder?


Is life only real if you’ve been able to see it?


When you look in the mirror, what do you see?

– March 3, 2019

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Free Verse(?): Boredom


I think

we’ve been wasting too much time, so why

don’t we just

enjoy this thing that’s kept me

not bored lately, because I’ve been up to


Anyway, would you like to check out this new creation? It’s amazing. And I’m utterly shameless, yes. Please enjoy the bad recording quality and all-around immaturity of it all. If anything, you can at least use it to forget that real life exists for a few minutes.

honestly i don’t know anymore either

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Free Verse: Paradox

The madman is wise in his own mind,

The fool quite content in his ignorance.

The shepherd is the lord of his pasture,

While the king in his prison slaves away.

The homeless find their place in their people,

But the famed have no home to return to;

The suspicious will last the longer,

And the trusting are left for dead.

The blessed are most oft not the rich,

As the mass weighs down the soul.

Lonely silence screams the loudest

As companionable silence speaks measures.

The dead are better off

Than the living who are left to grieve—

You never know what you have til it’s gone.

The happiest smile conceals the loneliest scars;

The harder the pain, the deeper the growth;

The more one gives, the more one receives;

The more one knows, the more they know

They know nothing.

– Sept. 28, 2018

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Free Verse: Little Things – A Tribute to Mothers

Little things,

Little people with little dreams,

Like going better to bed a little later.

Little hearts

Hurt by little things,

Comforted by a long, warm hug

And gentle, loving words.

Little minds

Terrified by little things

Warded off by the child’s warrior

And patient talks.


Little things —

Everyday little things —

That grow up to make up a life loved by a mother.

-September 9, 2018

Awkward moment when you don’t remember how you wanted your piece to end when you started it for Mother’s Day several months ago.

Hi, I’m going through my post drafts and trying to delete or finish them. Also, who says it has to be Mother’s Day to appreciate your mom? It’s the little things that make up the big ones.

엄마,밥 사랑해요 (: