Creative Writing Projects

What’s up and woopee. You’ve found the projects from my class that are supposed to be posted on our blogs :P My Journal entries for Creative Writing have been posted as regular blog posts, but this is where I post “creative writing” such as stories and poetry – mainly the former.

Well, then. Enjoy. (Note: There is no CW1.)

CW2: Acrostic Poem – The Battle Waged

CW3: Extended Metaphors

CW4: Fable – The Cat and the Aye-Aye

CW5: Brer Story – Brer Gerenuk Gets Stuck

CW6: Narrative Poem – Never(Land) Found

CW7: Bible Story Re-Write – I Was One of Them

CW8: Free-Write – With Great Power

CW9: Perspective – Battle Room

CW10: Famous People – Airplane Go Zoom

CW11: Dialogue – 안녕

CW12: Christmas Story – Joyeux Weihnachten

CW13: Party with No E – A Big Important Party

CW14: Media Autobiography – My Life “Scrapbook”

CW15: Set Terms – The Realm of Death