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time to change your mind

does anyone care about random life lessons anymore?

guess we’ll find out. who cares; this isn’t for you anyway. (information LEAKED.)

today I played Ultimate (or Ultimate Frisbee) with a bunch of people I didn’t know. I’ve never played the game much; I tended to be the younger sibling who was in the way or just wanted to be included. that changed a bit more when i got to high school and had my own friend group, and then I guess I was sort of average at it. maybe even slightly better than average just because I wanted to play.

anyway, today I played Ultimate for the first time in years. you should know I’m not confident in my disc-throwing abilities at all. that led to me being useless in the first fourth or so of the game; I didn’t want to screw it up for our team, so I mostly just tried to stay on the opponent and play defense.

of course, if any of you have played Ultimate before, you know everyone ideally ought to be playing both defense and offense, and able to change at a whim. so I wasn’t doing much except running around. it was… fun, I guess.

then I changed my mind about who I was. I decided I was a really good Ultimate player, and that I would help my (sorely losing) team out a bit more.

that was when the Fire Nation attacked. and we. won.

actually we still sorely lost. but I had a lot more fun, and I got a lot more involved. my throwing wasn’t as awful as I’d been expecting it to be. I made one interception. I was able to pass a lot and be passed to, since my teammates saw me as someone reliable. with just one little switch, I turned from someone in the background that no one noticed, to someone that the other team saw worthy of being guarded.

pfffft I’m not that worthy of being guarded. all this to say, though, that mentality makes a huge difference in your life. if you decide to grow by five more inches tomorrow? that’s not going to happen (I mean, maybe it could I guess). but when you set your mind to something – when you tell yourself that you might not be able to do something, but you sure as heck are going to try – that’s when you get more involved in the game, and that’s when it becomes a lot more fun.

so let’s all decide to toss some discs. it’s a lot more fun than running around in the background.

also happy Olympics or something