CW5: Brer Story

Project 5: Brer Story (Based off the American folklore tales Brer Rabbit)

Brer Gerenuk Gets Stuck

Well, it was a mighty fine day as Brer Gerenuk found himself pretty bored. He lazed about like an old donkey, wonderin’ what to do as he just lay there in the tall brown grass, wishing he could as finding something fun. But then an idea struck him fast. Why, he could cross the fence, of course; why not? All his friends like Brer Panda and Sis Bunny did it, so why shouldn’t he, ‘specially with all the great things they all told him about it and all?

Quick as could be, Brer Gerenuk jumped up and began walked right up to that old fence, and as he did, he imagined what might lie beyond that great hunk of wood. Great fields of grass! Plants with strange old fruits! Endless freedom!

But as Brer Gerenuk walked to the fence, what should happen but he trip on a nasty old clump in the ground, and smash headfirst into the fence. He tried real hard to pull back out, but his head was stuck good. After a mighty flurry of just twisting and pulling, he finally gave himself up for lost, when who should waddle along but Brer Penguin?

Well, Brer Gerenuk was embarrassed, alright. He pulled extra hard and tried to find his way out, but it weren’t no good.

“Howdy, Brer Gerenuk,” Brer Penguin greeted casually as he came on past. “What’re you up to?”

“Oh, nothing much,” Brer Gerenuk grunted. “Just wanted a change of scene for once.”

“Alright then,” the penguin answered cheerfully, and waddled on his way without another backward glance at the old gerenuk.

You can bet Brer Gerenuk felt even more silly after that, so he jest kept trying and trying to pull himself out, twist and pull, twist and pull, but even when the sun was high up in the sky, he still found himself stuck good and well.

After some time Brer Penguin came along again, this time with a nice fruit in his beak.

“Howdy, Brer Gerenuk!” Brer Penguin called. “Still playing around?”

“Yup,” Brer Gerenuk replied, watching the penguin hungrily as he waddled down the street with that nice-looking food. He wanted a’ call out, but he didn’t dare in case all the animals come and make fun of him, so he kept silence as Brer Penguin disappeared down the dusty old road.

Brer Gerenuk doubled his efforts after that, but even as the sun began to set, he still was stuck as ever. Finally, as Brer Penguin passed once again to head on off to hit the sack, Brer Gerenuk called out, “You wouldn’t mind helping me a bit, would ya?”

“You ain’t just having some fun?” the little penguin asked.

“Nope. I’m good and stuck.”

“Then a’ course,” Brer Penguin piped cheerfully. “I been waiting for you to ask.”

And he just went up and pulled Brer Gerenuk out quick as a wink. Brer Gerenuk tried to thank him, but the penguin just told him not to bother. And the two laughed some then said goodnight to each other, and from there Brer Gerenuk went home a little wiser.



I'm just a kid in the big, wide world, trying to find my way through life by clinging to the hope of something better.

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