CW13: Party with No E

Project 13: Party with no E

Ash is an ordinary boy with a boring day, a noonday snack, and an unusual imagination. Join him for his big party and pick up a cup of Drink à la Sink, a portion of potato crisps, and a bowl of marshmallows to start this party off.

A Big Important Party

Mommy, I’m having a party. You can join us if you want.”

That’s okay, darling. Mommy’s a bit busy right now.”


Hi. I’m Ash, and I’m having a party.

All my most important companions will show up. I told Mr. Stick, Mr. Rabbit, Mr. Captain, and my Mommy about it. All of us go on lots of trips to assist our world and guard civilians – apart from Mommy, obviously. But Mommy is a VIP.

I put up our snacks, and look around at Mr. Stick, Mr. Rabbit, and Mr. Captain. It’s not totally how I want it; it’s still too vacant. But that’s okay. It’s an important talk, so I don’t think having too many of us is good, anyway. All of us might try talking too loudly, and Mommy might say to shush down.

Mommy won’t allow us to drink grown-up drinks, so I just got ours from a sink, and I put it in a bowl to pour into itty bitty play cups. I put it all on Daddy’s rolling chair from his working room, which is big and flat, and I roll it into my room and put our things on top of it. Mommy said I could pick our snacks, so our chair is full of potato crisps, ham, and marshmallows. All four of us sit around it comfortably, and our talk starts with formal introductions.

Mr. Stick is always falling as I bump my dad’s big chair to pour our drinks. I ask Mr. Rabbit to hand Mr. Stick a Band-aid, but Mr. Rabbit is too busy falling too. I put Mr. Stick and Mr. Rabbit back up and try focusing on our task again.

Good day, and thank you all for coming.” I spill a bit of our drinks on Mr. Captain, but nobody spots it, so I act as if I didn’t do it.

You all probably had hard trips. I thank you for coming anyhow, sirs.”

It is crucial that all of us adopt formal jargon. That’s just how important talks work. You go around practicing all your big important words until nobody knows what you want to say. It’s funny.

What do you want today, my good sirs?”

Mr. Stick falls down again. I try supporting him against Mr. Rabbit, but both go tumbling down again, so it’s not formal now. And actually, I don’t think any of my companions want to drink or talk. Nobody’s saying anything.

Hi,” I say.

Nobody says anything.

If you don’t talk, I’ll go now.”

Nobody says anything still.

I’m actually going!”

Still nobody says a thing, so I just grab all our food angrily, and I go out with my noon snack on my own.

And you know, occasionally, it’s good to sit on your own and savor a bit of food. It’s a sunny day, with lots of fluffy clouds, and animals running around. Who wants a big party anyway? Sitting on a porch on your own is good, too. I finish up all of our snacks, with nobody but our porch. It’s a strong thing, a porch. You don’t adopt formal jargon with it. It just sits with you.

And it’s fun. No company is good company.



I'm just a kid in the big, wide world, trying to find my way through life by clinging to the hope of something better.

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