N0V3L Outline

I’ve tried making this as obscure as possible to allow my story to speak for itself as it’s unfolding. If you really want to know, though, here’s a pretty general view of how it’s going to look:

  1. Emotionless: “First” kill, rooftop (R1/R4), typical life.
  2. Uncaring: “Home” (R2), life between a clean, orders for protection.
  3. Doubting: Moving in (out), family, R3, meet neighbors.
  4. Adapting: Meet Marshall and others, R3, start classes, build/fake relationships, lookout.
  5. Killing: First attempt on Marshall after school, FAMILY, R2/R3, home.
  6. Feeling: Field trip, Lisa (2nd attempt), fight, hear from other Tetrad (R4), Head discovered dead.
  7. Hunted: _____ crisis, what life is for, R1/R2, “Mom, Dad,” school shooting, Tetrad labeled dangerous – know plans at this point.
  8. Caring: Near-death (either/or) with Lisa attack, loss of T4 (accident), H1 plan into motion.
  9. Trusting: Group dissolved, new identities, disappearing, Family and Friends goodbye.
  10. Living: Let go of Rules, come to terms with self & life.