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Master of Goodbyes

Master of saying goodbyes?

That should be me!

Reality? More like the master of running away… still. So I’m pretending I’m not going to leave the state that’s closest to home for me, because that’s too scary to think about. I’m leaving the Less Known to enter into the Completely Unknown. I mean…. Hoowee. Sounds like a big step. 

However… I’m not alone. (Haha, this is so cliché. This is really why I wrote that article a couple posts ago.) I mean, hello, I’m not leaving my family for good, right? And I know I can go back home when the opportunity arises. It’s not like I’m dying, or the people I’m leaving are dying, or the places are dying. (Well, technically we kind of are because everything we see is finite, but you know what I mean.) Plus, I’ve got people backing me up literally all around the world. How amazing is that? And then on top of that, I still have my Dad who never leaves my side. He can take all the stuff I throw at Him, or that life throws at me. 

The worst part about goodbyes is that you’re usually not sure when you’ll see the person/place again. But I’m guaranteed that there will be a time where there won’t be any more goodbyes. No more sadness from being apart. No more being disappointed because the people eventually drop contact with you, no more not being able to keep in touch due to a lack of a Facebook account… because we’ll all be connected through something that’s infinitely better than the internet. 


So I don’t have to be a master of goodbyes, because I probably won’t ever get there anyway. For now, I just have to take life one step at a time, enjoying my surroundings and the people around me for the time that I have them. Even if moving on is hard…



I'm just a kid in the big, wide world, trying to find my way through life by clinging to the hope of something better.

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