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Up All Night (To the Best Songs Ever)


What do you do when it’s the last day of an awesome camp and you have to say goodbye to everyone soon?

Pull an all-nighter, obviously. HELLO FROM A HYPERLY DEAD ELISABETH. I haven’t even made it to midnight yet….

Because I haven’t posted for a long time again. Woops. (And that was obviously related to the time of day right now.)

You’re probably maybe not wondering what the camp was for. Like I’ve mentioned/hinted, I’ve grown up overseas, and since kids like me have serious issues, we needed a special camp to transition back to a life of normality not filled with delinquency. (Just kidding. For the most part.) So we have this great awesome camp where we can get together with kids like us and eat pizza and ice cream every day, stay up late, and learn silly American things like how tipping works. 

You might think we’re stupid, but dude, we grew up in other countries where things are different, alright? 

Anyway, we also got to talk about really deep, painful stuff that I at least didn’t really wanna talk about. Which was good, of course. And I also learned a fantastic lesson… or kind of re-learned it, I guess. And that’s just that everyone really hurts despite all the cheerful facades we can put up. 

We tend to think that everyone has it super great, and because we pretend to be happy, no one notices when we’re hurting. It goes both ways. We all hurt, we all put up walls, we all think we’re the only ones. Especially for people with comparatively hard lives, it can be easy to look at others and think their lives are basically pain-free, but guess what? Everyone is messed up to the extreme. That means we hurt others, and it means we get hurt too. 

People also experience things differently. One thing that hurts a person deeply will hardly affect another. That doesn’t mean the pain of one is invalid. 

So… go out to learn the hurts of others instead of assuming you’re the only one who’s been crying yourself to sleep. 

(Ooh, sleep….)

Those are my thoughts. Peace. 



I'm just a kid in the big, wide world, trying to find my way through life by clinging to the hope of something better.

3 thoughts on “Up All Night (To the Best Songs Ever)

  1. You know, this is a funny (weel, not really funny) coincidence with last night’s conversation about the Lord’s Prayer. “and forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors” We all are sinned against and we will all be sinned against.

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