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How to Quit Life

“Life’s a game. All you have to do is know how to play it.” – Unknown

“Life is a game.” “Life is a game.” “Life is a game.” How many times have we heard that now? “Life is a game.” It means we want to win. It means we don’t have to take it seriously. It means some will win and some will lose, or that we’re just here to have fun.

“Life is a game.” With high-definition NPC’s and jerky players and no specific goal and a subjective definition of victory and a million instruction manuals that all contradict each other. With separate story-lines for each character, and different backgrounds and avatars and pasts that we don’t get to choose.

Sure, let’s say life is a big messed up game. What about quitting it then? We’re allowed to quit video games as long as we’re not addicted. We’re allowed to stop any time we want. What about life?

There’s a quit button. It’s called “suicide,” and according to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, about 121 people commit suicide each day in the U.S. alone.


Because we lose sight of what really matters. We trap ourselves in certain mindsets and believe all the lies that are thrown in our faces. But then, most of us have at least considered the possibility of suicide, and most of us don’t have the guts to do it. How do you gather the courage to quit?

Here’s how.

1 – Forget who you are. Forget that you’re a child of God. Forget that He loves you. Forget that you’re here for a reason, and that you were saved from yourself. Forget amazing grace and your new self.

2 – Forget all the good things in life and everything God has brought you through. Don’t think back to all the good times that make the pain worth it. Don’t think about how you’ve been through worse before, and how you could see God’s hand in it all along once you fought through to the other side. Forget about how your ashes have been turned to beauty in the past; that’s irrelevant now that you’re in a really hard position.

3 – Focus on everything you can’t control and everything that has gone wrong. This will help a lot in the next step; instead of remembering who’s in control, frantically try to regain control of everything you’re losing. Focus on how you’ve failed or how others have failed or how you can do nothing about what’s going on around you. Do it until your problems are so big that you can see nothing else.

4 – Pity yourself. Don’t have a fighter attitude; you’ll be fighting for nothing. Just give up already and remember that you’re the victim here. Nobody else understands. Accept the fact that no one else has been through what you’re going through, and therefore cannot relate. You’re alone.

5 – Listen to all the negative voices to feed your self-pity. You truly are worthless. No one really does care. Everyone was lying when they said they loved you; everyone is so absorbed in their own lives that they simply don’t have time for poor little you anymore. You’re ugly; you’re stupid; you’re not good enough. These kinds of thoughts put you on the right track to quitting pretty quickly.

6 – Blame either yourself or everyone else. Either you’ve messed up so completely that you can’t be redeemed, or everyone else has screwed up your life for good. Either way, there’s no hope left, and one of you will have to go.

7 – Isolate yourself from others. Community keeps you dangerously in check. Remember how nobody cares about you, you’re fighting by yourself, and everyone is out to get you. Negative thoughts always.

8 – Push away any offers for help because you absolutely have to be strong enough on your own. Fight until you’re pushed down to your knees, and even when you’re down, don’t let your friends or family step in to help. Stay logical. Refuse help even if it kills you.

9 – Keep in mind that you’re too far for help anymore. You can never turn back; it’s too late for you. Redemption doesn’t reach this far, and it isn’t worth it anymore anyway. Nobody cares, nobody hears, and no matter what you do, you can never be forgiven. You can never forgive, either. Just give up.

If you didn’t realize by now, these tips have been the opposite of what we should really be doing, because think about it: suicide is just running away. It’s avoiding what we can’t control and think we can’t handle. It’s quitting. It’s giving up. It’s being too cowardly to face our problems. It’s rationalizing our selfishness because it’s “too hard,” so we leave everyone else behind to deal with the pain and the grief and the problems we couldn’t solve.

And life isn’t a game. The stakes are far too high for that. What if life is everything? What if this is all we have? Are you going to throw it all away because it’s been hard and foggy and your imagination is too limited by pain to see the happy ending you were aiming for?



I'm just a kid in the big, wide world, trying to find my way through life by clinging to the hope of something better.

One thought on “How to Quit Life

  1. Wow. Thanks for pointing out all those things I’ve been doing (isolating myself, blaming myself and others for what goes wrong) Every time I read one of your posts, I learn something new about myself. Okay maybe not every time but several times. ;)

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