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(CWS11.2) Thanks for the Nominations

Since the Sandbox 11 assignment was to nominate awards to classmates, everyone got several, mostly for their Novel Projects. I know Cherri also gave me some super awesome award like “Highest Snark” or something too (who, me?), and I got another Best Villain award from…. someone…, but not everyone’s sandboxes have been posted yet.

Well, thanks, peoplez.

From Emily:

Best Title

Best Drama/Dramatic Moment

Best Ending/Death Scene

From Emma:

Best Characterization of a Lead – Seth Grayson

Most Likely to Publish

Most Enjoyable Narrating Tone

From Grace Anne:

Best Title

(2nd?) Best Supporting Male Character – Marshall Peterson

(2nd?) Best Villain (ha, funny)

(2nd?) Best Opening Line

Most Likely to Publish



I'm just a kid in the big, wide world, trying to find my way through life by clinging to the hope of something better.

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