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(CWS11) Trophy for You, Trophy for You; Trophy for (Almost) Everyone!

For this final Sandbox, we were supposed to nominate different classmates for different awards – with made up awards or the awards from a set list. So, here we go. Great job, peoples.

(But it should be noted that I wasn’t able to read through everybody’s entire projects, so my nominations are limited.)

Best Title

Letters of the Lost Joshua Tan

Best Female Lead Character

Liv – Emma Ladwig

Best Introduction of Characters and Backstories

Emily Marlin

Best Setting

Epusonia – Grace Anne Ellis

Best Opening Line

What is the most appropriate name for nothing?” – Peggy Williams

Best Closing Line

I just sat there, frozen as tears poured down falling from my cheeks.” – Marissa Chan

Best Mystery/Suspenseful Moment

Emily Marlin

Best Fantasy/Science Fiction

-Emma Ladwig

-Grace Anne Ellis

Most Likely to Finish at the Last Minute Yet Still Bring Us to Tears

Emma Ladwig, just because she was procrastinating and her story seems like that kind of novel xD

Best Development of New Creatures and Places

Emma Ladwig

Coolest Fight Scenes (or Fight Scenes in General)

Grace Anne Ellis!!!

Best/Most Realistic Character Interactions

-Emily Marlin

-Grace Anne Ellis



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