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NP Update: Final Three Chapters (8-10)

Awful procrastinator?

That’s me! But the entire Four Rules of Murder novel project has now been posted, from chapter one all the way to chapter ten. It still needs quite a bit of editing and adding, but that’s it for now… if you still need it, here’s the post to access the password.

Thanks for your patience! (Not that you really had a choice.)

Chapter 8 Excerpt:

Thursday afternoon, as a grey screen began to seize the sky, the rooftop of the abandoned “Reconciliation Center” found four figures standing alone, looking around as if waiting for someone to jump out at them at any moment.

Ace, fill us in,” Derik said.

The brown-haired girl’s hand traveled to her side, fingering a gun. “My target is Cylvia Turk. She’s apparently had a job in another… well, important job, and she knows people up there. She’s trying to help us.”

So our targets were all people with connections?” Toshiro asked.

Looks like it.” Derik ran a dark hand over his shiny bald head. “We just can’t figure out what Marshall can do.”

Seth raised an eyebrow. “I don’t think he can do anything.”

I second that,” Toshiro said, trying to flick his black hair out of his eyes as the breeze began to pick up.

You don’t even know him,” the Babysitter scoffed. “Kids, this isn’t a game.”

When was killing ever a game?” Seth asked.

Derik looked up at the sky, sighing. “It’s not. I know. I’m sorry.”

Seth shared a glance with Toshiro as Derik went on, “But now isn’t the time to joke around. We should leave before anything happens.”

Short meeting. Fine. Let’s g–”

Bang! The bullet lodged itself into the wall behind Derik, and the four of them turned around, the Tetrad pulling their guns out.

She smirked at them. “That was a warning shot, Daddy.”


Chapter 9 Excerpt:

This isn’t over.”

The rest of the Tetrad glanced back at her as Piper released Lisa. The girl stood slowly, her hair blowing against her face as the wind began to pick up. Around the building, the trees bent against the force, and the breeze began to whistle through the windows of the abandoned floors below.

She had no weapon. So why did Seth still feel uneasy?

Because there were footsteps coming up the stairs, and there was more than just one person.

Seth pulled Toshiro and Derik away from the door just as a bullet flew out from the cool hall below, and only seconds later, two blindfolded figures were shoved onto the rooftop at gun point, followed by five men wearing clothes that looked so normal it was almost ridiculous.

One of the men pulled the blindfolds off. Marshall. And based off of the Ace’s facial expression, the woman next to him was Cylvia Turk.

Derik,” one of the men with short gray hair greeted shortly. Derik only grunted in reply as he moved in front of Toshiro and Seth as if to protect them.

Told you not to interfere, didn’t I?” the man told the Babysitter. “We’ll make this quick and easy. It doesn’t have to be worse than it already is. Let’s just get it over with.”

More pawns of the government. Piper, Toshiro, and Seth had their guns out against the five, but as soon as anyone started shooting, there wouldn’t be much of a fight…


Chapter 10 Excerpt:

Hey, Seth,” Howard called from the living room on the other side of the staircase. “Quite a storm out there, huh?”

Yeah,” Seth replied as he pushed off his shoes and strode up the stairs to his room. If any of the Yoos saw him in this state, with his bloody hands and soaked clothes, they would undoubtedly start asking unwanted questions. Seth just had to get out of here, but first he had some things to take care of.

After washing his hands and quickly changing into a dry outfit, Seth grabbed his old backpack from before he had moved in with the Yoos and stuffed only necessary items inside. Fake passports, toothbrush, some clothes, money… his gaze rested on a picture with him and the Yoo family. He carefully wrapped it in a sweatshirt to protect the glass and packed it in on top. Then he pulled out his house keys and left them on the desk.

Coming down the stairs, Seth dropped his bag on the floor at the door and went into the living room, where the Yoos sat as a family watching a cartoon.

I’m going outside real quick,” he told them.

Mariel paused the movie and looked at him, surprised. “In this weather?”


You’ll catch a cold.” She got up and pulled an old windbreaker out of the laundry room, holding it up as Seth shrugged and put his arms through it. “At least put this on, alright?”

Seth paused and looked at her for a moment. Then, abandoning all dignity, he stifled his pride and hugged the bony woman. “…Thanks. For everything.”



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