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Writing, Guns, Potatoes, and Tropes

‘Tsup world. I’m doing a thoroughly great job on procrastinating on this action-packed chapter nine of Four Rules of Murder that’s due in a few hours! *boogie boogie boogie*

Yeah, so I’ve got this great problem called Not-Enough-Story-Planning-at-the-Beginning-of-the-Semester, so now I’m stuck with my characters in this gunfight with a lot of action that should be there and isn’t. And you know what happens when that happens?

This happens. (Uh-oh, I just used “happens” three four times.)

Out of the corner of his eye, Seth saw Lisa stand. He dropped the empty gun and turned to face her, but her blue eyes were already deadly as she pulled out a POTATO FROM HER POCKET AND WONKED HIM ON THE HEAD WITH IT.

Black spots swam before his eyes!! Oh Nooeeezzz.

And Seth died from a concussion.

But before he died, his beloved creator recognised her ignorance on the matter of guns, and seeing as this chapter was jam-packed with the stuff, she got a move on with Bing right away. That was how she found this amazing website called TV Tropes.

Check it out. It’s great for avoiding clichés in action scenes, and it gives you a good laugh. Be realistic about your guns and heroes, writers.

Oh yeah, but don’t start ranting to me about gun control, because I don’t know enough about it to have an educated/informed opinion. Plus my characters don’t give a dime about it. (See what I did there.)

I feel so much more educated now. I guess I should go finish that chapter though .-.



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21 thoughts on “Writing, Guns, Potatoes, and Tropes

      1. *nods wisely* Yup. There are 2 potential possibilities. 1. He and Niris were struck by a giant snickers bar and crushed by it! Or 2. Niris TURNED INTO A GIANT SNICKERS BAR! and crushed Braun.

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    1. I am DYING right now. SNICKERS!!!!! AHHH!! This is totally what happened. OMS. Yeah, I can relate. There have been times when I have literally just written something utterly ridiculous to get over terrible writers block. Once, in the midst of a battle, my lovely charries got to watch the evil army get into a line and start doing a synchronized dance while pink unicorns leaped about on the battlefield.

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      1. Oh, but it was truly epic. And the best part was that they were literally singing “Pink fluffy unicorns dancing on Rainbows” over and over again, until I stepped back and read what I had just written.

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      2. oh my goodness! XD I can just imagine what your cherries in the story think of you :D have you ever posted that story? it would be hilarious to read ;)

        Liked by 2 people

      3. I know. They were so confused.
        Haha, I never posted that or even saved it, which is sad in retrospect, but who knows….perhaps it might happen again? I’ll be sure to save it then :)

        Liked by 1 person

      4. You have me almost wanting to do this again. Ok, if I ever do again, I will post it on my blog and tag you. Might not happen for a while, but who knows?? XD Writerosis is a common disease and I do not have access to that medical center for authors yet! 😂😂

        Liked by 2 people

      5. XD what proper author ever wanted to cure Writerosis? I shall happily wait for you to write this piece… it might win the award for most ironic piece of the year :D

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