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(CWS8) Four Rules of Murder: “Now a Major Motion Picture”

Sandbox 8 theme: what if our novel project was turned into a movie?

Interesting. Here’s some casting, music, and other complete randomness somewhat related to this.

Film score: Cry by Thomas Bergersen. I was wavering between two others as well, but I chose Cry because (1. The other two were too intense for too much of the songs, and (2. Seth would probably be annoyed that the song would have such a “pathetic” title. (We totally love each other.)

Not really sure how this is relevant… but if Seth cared to read, he’d probably prefer non-fiction over fiction. If he did choose a favorite fiction novel, it’d probably be Lord of the Flies by William Golding, because he’d wholeheartedly agree with the perspective that man is inherently evil, and that younger boys are more than capable of killing. On the same note, Seth wouldn’t mind an intelligent, realistic action TV show, but seeing as those don’t exist, he doesn’t care for television.

As for cast… I don’t know Hollywood actors. I guess for Seth I can see 杨洋 from China acting him out, if the dude had blue eyes and looked more…… average. I mean he looks like he could kill but he’s kind of too good…looking… Seth, face it.


I think for everyone else, their ethnic backgrounds and physical features (in my mind) are too specific for me to bother looking up the actors/actresses for them. Part of me wants to use anime characters, but Four Rules of Murder would be much better as a live-action movie than an anime…

So there we are. I obviously put a lot of hard work and sweat and tears into this. (Or I would’ve if I didn’t have other things to do.)



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6 thoughts on “(CWS8) Four Rules of Murder: “Now a Major Motion Picture”

  1. I love Cry. And lord of the flies happens to be one of my favorite books. Interesting.
    This was cool. I’d definitely come see it if it were a film!!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. If they butchered it, I would summon a dragon army and make sure the butchers went to the meat shop…. *cough* Ok, that word picture sounded better in my head.


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