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NP Update: Chapter 7

Haiyo, chapter 7 of Four Rules of Murder has been posted, and if you want things to make a bit more sense, re-read the last bit of chapter 6, because I’ve tweaked it slightly. Soo, click here for the chapter index, and if you still need the password, see this post.


Chapter 7 Excerpt:

That evening, Seth slipped out the door alone into the cool air. He didn’t tell anyone; he knew they would be worried if they discovered he had disappeared, but if he reached deep into his heart, he also knew that part of him wanted and liked that. Wanted someone to be worried about him when he vanished, when he never came back, when death caught him at some lonely corner of the world. At least one person who will miss me when I disappear; is that too much to ask?

The street lamps had already flickered to life outside. They seemed to create a kind of barrier against the dark abyss just beyond, like a fragile shield trying to keep the precious inhabitants safe against the black horror of the night.

Seth turned right to the sidewalk, shoving his cool hands into his sweatshirt pocket as he looked up. Of course, there are stars up there, too. Little stars. Little lights. They’re like… diamonds. But better, because they’re apart from any grimy-fingered thieves, any greedy little humans who would take them for just survival. Survival without real life.

But what is real life?



I'm just a kid in the big, wide world, trying to find my way through life by clinging to the hope of something better.

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