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You Know You’re a Writer When…

There are certain characteristics that define writers: these things that we have in common that make us… like… a new species :o You have little habits, little quirks, little peculiarities that make your non-writer family members and friends wonder what on earth went wrong in your mind. And your non-writer parents look at each other and say, “(S)he got it from YOUR half of the DNA, not mine.”

In other words, you know you’re a writer when…

  1. …you’re more concerned about a fictional character’s drama than the drama going on in your own life.
  2. …you have hundreds of notebooks with fragments of stories and ideas in them. (Which are also never filled, of course, because what’s the fun in that?)
  3. …every person you meet is just a potential character waiting to have their own story.


4. …every experience is going to be transformed into some scene in one of your stories.

5. …you have more unfinished stories than you’ve had friends in your entire life.

6. …talking out loud to yourself/your characters is nothing new.


7. …you zone out while people are talking to you because you’re trying to think through that complicated plot issue in your story.

8. …reading isn’t just a hobby; it’s a learning tool.

9. …you could have suggested twenty better alternative endings for that one novel that ended terribly, if only the author had bothered to ask you.


10. …inspiration hits you any time, any place, any situation. And you think you’ll be able to remember it without writing it down, but lovely short-term memory proves you wrong every time.

11. …you wish you could proofread your speech to get rid of all the dumb mistakes you make while speaking.

12. …people who don’t like to read are dead to you.


13. …your phone has some sort of writing app with dozens of writing scraps from random thoughts and ideas.

14. …anyone who hates your character(s) is asking for a death sentence.

15. …you pay special attention to how you feel because you’ll need to describe it for your characters at some point.


16. …Hamilton’s song Non-Stop basically applies to you.

17. …you would die for your beloved characters. Then you kill them off in your story, because it just feels right (and every other good author seems to do it).

18. …you have about five different playlists for different moods you want to set for yourself while writing.


And, last but not least….  YOU WRITE. Even though you have a love-hate relationship with words.



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11 thoughts on “You Know You’re a Writer When…

  1. Oh my storms. Is it bad if I relate to every single on of these? Seriously! I could go through and name exact experiences of these. (#16 made me so happy! “Why do you write like you’re running out of time? / … How do you write like you need to survive? / How do you write every second you’re alive?”
    #1 – I actually probably know more about my characters than I do some of my family members…
    #2 – Yeah, unfortunately that’s true.
    #3 – So true! And when I don’t like the person, they are put in as a character who will die a gruesome death!…… did I just say that out loud?
    #4 – So true. So. Darn. True.
    #5 – *cough* Wow… *feels sort of sad* That may or may not be true…. I can safely say I have created more characters than I have friends in my life too…
    #6 – YES! I talk out loud to myself and my characters all the time and I vocalize scenes I am/will write(ing) when I am stumped.
    #7 – *cough* Yeah. I do that, and my parents don’t like it because it means they always have to repeat things or I just don’t hear them ever and I get in trouble…
    #8 – Yes! Reading is a necessity.
    #9 – Ikr? Why did the author ruin the ending when I had a million different ways that could have saved it. Honestly, don’t they know that I am a genius? xD
    (You’d better believe I have an opinion on the Oxford comma. BIG PET PEEVE WHEN PEOPLE DON’T USE IT!)
    #10 – I. Hate. Short. Term. Memory.
    #11 – Isn’t that the truth? I hate giving speeches. Isn’t there a way to edit my voice? xD
    #12 – Amen, sistah!
    #13 – *cough* I don’t have a phone, but my computer definitely has those…
    #14 – *smiles innocently* Not at all!!! *goes and makes a person who bad mouthed my character into a character in my book so that the character that they badmouthed can kill them*
    #15 – Yes! I have to know how to write about my characters feeling sad and ecstatic!
    #16 – *fangirls*
    #17 – YES! YES! YES!
    #18 – Yup. Btw, music is a must while writing. Must. Must. MUST!
    Ok, I literally just wrote one of the longest comments ever… Hehe, I “wrote” it… Wow, that was bad.

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      1. I listened to it, I listened to it! Ah! Don’t kill me! Mercy, I beg of thee!
        And I suppose I should thank you guys for adding to my list of Bradsay musical fandom….

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