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NP Update: Chapter 6

Stayin’ on schedule like a good girl, so chapter 6 of Four Rules of Murder has been posted! If you still need it, here is a link to the chapter index, and if you didn’t get the password yet, check out this post.


Chapter 6 Excerpt:

The brunette girl shoved Seth off and readjusted her sunglasses with a huff. “I’m fine.”

She turned and began stalking off the other way. Seth stood and watched her for a second, then – idiot! – grabbed her arm and jerked her back toward him. Letting out a small cry of pain, she pulled back and coiled up her other arm in preparation for retaliation, but Seth blocked the punch with his free arm and pivoted on his right foot, pulling her off-balance and sending her flying to the floor.

Rolling quickly to her feet, the girl tried for a pathetic side kick at Seth’s head. But she had never been able to reach that high, especially when she hadn’t fully regained her footing yet, so Seth stepped almost mockingly to the side, letting the kick die right before it would have made contact with his shoulder. He swept under and tripped her other leg as she tried to recover, then stepped back to show he was being merciful for not crushing her completely.

“Give it up,” he snapped. “Who are you working for?”

She was panting hard, a trace of her blue eyes flashing underneath the purple-rimmed shades. “I hate you,” she whispered.

Her eyes flickered to something behind him… a set-up. He tried breaking to the side, but it wasn’t like one of those stupid spy movies, he couldn’t keep track of everything at once, couldn’t have unrealistic reflexes like that. Something slammed into his head, and he fell to the ground as she and her accomplice sprinted away.



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