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NP Update: Chapters 4 & 5

What! Two chapters out in one week! Haha no. Technically my blog was behind the actual writing, so now it’s caught up thanks to Grannie inspiring me with her ghost-write of my fifth chapter. So thank the Lady of Shadow for the fact that both chapters 4 and 5 of Four Rules of Murder are now up. You can click here to view the chapter index, and if you still need the password for the page, see this post.

Right, and as you may or may not have realized by now, I keep tweaking the chapters, so if something doesn’t make sense, it may be because I changed something in a previous chapter that you missed. If something is really confusing, feel free to voice any questions in the comments.


Chapter 4 Excerpt:

Demptio Academy, a great private school with mandatory uniforms to make sure you know you’re exactly like everyone else in the building. Outside it had its stereotypical red bricks and pristine green lawn around a paved road, and behind the building was a field for football – soccer? Real football? Come on, Americans – and a dense evergreen forest that could lead to anywhere.

Oh yes, and students and teachers who looked so ordinary that Seth almost felt disappointed. From the praises of the Yoo family, you would think there was almost something special about the place, but of course that was absurd.

In sort, Seth wasn’t impressed by anything so far, including this English class.

So clearly what Alcott meant here in this specific ‘the’ was that it really isn’t specific, if you know what I mean. Because of what we’ve seen from the previous use of the article adjective, it obviously cannot be what most readers would probably see as the evidence that points to…”

Seth stared at his desk. Education – or the lack of it thereof – had never bothered him before. He didn’t see why it had to sneak up on him now, when most kids his age were preparing for college, asking each other what they planned to major in, where they wanted to go, what they wanted to do. As if the next four years would be the rest of their entire life.

Why are you so dejected? Not because of the life you missed out on. It’s just part of the Shy Seth act.

Remember why you’re here in the first place.

Chapter 5 Excerpt:

Marshall was freaking out. “What on…”

Keep driving!” Seth shouted.

He did. They zoomed along about five miles per hour faster than the speed limit; apparently even in situations of life and death, Marshall couldn’t not take traffic rules seriously. But neither the truck nor the van seemed to be pursuing them, so by the time they were in the familiar suburban neighborhood, both teenagers were considerably calmer.

What was that, anyway?” Marshall demanded now in the aftershock. “Why do you seem to know what’s going on? How were you so stinking calm?”

He turned to Seth to ask more questions, then stopped. “Bro, your head is bleeding.”

Keep your eyes on the road,” Seth told him wearily. “I just want to get home.”



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