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(CWS5) Ghost-Write

This week’s genius Sandbox assignment was to step into one of our classmate’s Novel Projects and “ghost-write” their fifth chapter, either trolling it super hard, or trying to write what we think might actually happen in their story. So of course I took the lazy route where I don’t necessarily need to have read the other “chapters” to be able to write a fifth, and that’s Caleb’s novel project, which is an album of ten themed songs.

This week Caleb’s theme was the “humility of darkness,” because he’s been pairing character traits with “elements” – and, yeah, darkness because he had to get creative when he ran out of the classic fire, water, wind, earth “elements.” He doesn’t have any of the lyrics *cough* or recordings *cough* up yet, but you can still check out his website here.

Anyway, for the Sandbox 5 I’ve written a song called “影(Shadows).” If you know the anime 黒子のバスケ(romanization: Kuroko no Basuke), this song is partially based off of that, which made it fun to write and kind of explains the Japanese title (that could also be taken for Chinese) :P I tried going for a more anime-OP sound, but that didn’t really work out because I probably need a couple of electric guitars and a drum set…

Oh well. Here are the lyrics. I don’t think I can post a recording :b

影 (Shadows)

V1: Underestimated, unappreciated

You knew they would forget about you

But being a part of their colorless background

Isn’t the worst thing that could happen, is it?


V2: Second best, falling last

That’s what they’d expect of us

Their labels just show they really know nothing at all

We know one day we’ll be leaving them all in awe*


C: Even when you have a flare,

No one seems to see or care

But why should you care?

‘Cause it’s the shadow that sets the light rays apart

Even as you’re shaking there

Like it’s more than you can bear

You know it’s another stair

Taking you higher, higher

Even if you’re happy here in the shadows


B: Humility takes you so far

While you struggle to reach their bar

You know you’re stuck behind the stars

But as long as you don’t lose heart

You’ll be able to play your part

Even if it’s in the dark

Even if no one sees your spark


Chorus x2

End: When you’re a shadow you don’t need the spotlight…

*You could argue that the italicized bit sounds more like a pre-chorus.



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