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NP Update: Chapter 3

Alright. I can’t hold off posting this forever. The far-from-perfect Chapter 3 of Four Rules of Murder is now (unfortunately) up. You can click here to view the chapter index, and if you still need the password for the page, see this post.

Also, if you care, I’ve also tweaked Chapter 1 and am working on revising Chapter 2 again.

Perfectionist out.

Chapter Excerpt:

Seth remembered taking the time when he was their age and Derik told him to get ready for bed. He and Toshiro would hide to avoid the Babysitter who had practically raised them. Back then Derik’s wife had still been alive, almost acted like their mom, except less caring than Mariel seemed to be, Seth thought as he watched her push a strand of hair out of her daughter’s face.

Something inside of Seth seemed to melt. He turned away, blocking out the feeling, refusing to get connected in any way to this family. It wasn’t like he could tell them what this was really for, anyway.

Trust no one. They stab you in the back eventually.



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