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How to Think

Hello, ladies and gents. How’s life?

I was just thinking… about thinking… >.> That’s what you get for being bored, I guess. Bored and tired.

But a while ago I was cruising through the Web, namely through WordPress, looking for interesting blogs to follow, and I stumbled upon a couple of atheists’ sites – which to me are something somewhat new, but I mean, if there are Christian sites, hey, why not other beliefs, too. (Derp.)

If you’re like me, you’ve spent the majority of your life with a Christian family, surrounded by (mostly) Christian friends, going to church, volunteering in Sunday School, participating in small groups, all that good stuff. Mostly your views probably haven’t been challenged all that much, and you’re pretty happy-go-lucky, woo, let’s just live and yes the Bible is true. God loves you, life is good, the end.

It almost felt like heresy to start following a couple of atheist blogs the other day. But I did it. And I’m not sorry that I did.

When scientists perform experiments, they make sure they record everything so that other scientists can perform the same experiment. If they come to certain conclusions as a result of an experiment, their hypotheses are tested again and again and again by thousands of other scientists to see if that might be true. The hypothesis becomes theory. The experiment is tested more, and eventually, if the theory seems to hold true for all circumstances, the theory becomes law. [Later update: my middle school science books lied to me. Ignore this paragraph except to notice that, had these ‘facts’ concerning the definitions of scientific theory and law really been true, this would have worked beautifully as an illustration to prove my point.]

As humans, let’s face it – we hate opposition. We hate that one person who disagrees with us; we hate when we have to admit we’re wrong even when we realize that someone else was right all along. As humans, we also make mistakes. Lots of them. In every area of our lives.

Worldview is a big thing. Worldview is how you perceive the world and humanity’s relation to it, and (dun dun dunnn, “cognitive” view of psychology being revealed) worldview greatly affects the way we live. If you believe that life is just for fun, you’ll do anything to get that thrill. If humans are sacred, you’ll try not to hurt them. If everything is about you, it doesn’t matter who you trample on to get what you want. If the world was really created by a God who cares, you’ll learn that God’s standards and try to live by them.

Being silly humans, we make mistakes in our worldviews. We also tend to strongly dislike it when those worldviews are questioned. But just as a scientist needs his/her hypothesis to be tested numerous times before it can even become a theory, we should allow our beliefs to be tested numerous times before we assume that they are the absolute truth. That might even mean reading books, blogs, or articles that don’t necessarily agree with your worldview just to see their points. It may mean *gasp* following that blog even though they’re practically against Christianity. Because when they bring up points against your beliefs, it makes you really think through them, and it makes you claim them as your own – or possibly even reject your old beliefs.

How about that for thinking?

This isn’t to say we need to feel obliged to read every essay and book against our faith. I just want to encourage you to not shy away from them so much, because in the end, what doesn’t kill your faith will hopefully make it stronger. In the meantime, you learn how to reason out exactly why you believe something, which is so much better than just accepting everything anyone says. You can stand for something without knowing what it really is that you stand for. Then, as the saying goes, you fall for everything.



I'm just a kid in the big, wide world, trying to find my way through life by clinging to the hope of something better.

2 thoughts on “How to Think

  1. Woah, this was amazing!! So glad that somebody else thinks like me… although the most I’ve done is follow the blog of a liberal Christian who supports homosexuality​. 😂

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  2. I like reading things that challenge my faith :) Lucky me I guess. Having lived in an atheist culture for a couple of years, it doesn’t bother me very much to follow a blog of someone who is an atheist themselves. I think that, if you respect their point of view, you have more of a chance of becoming friends and maybe getting into a conversation about your faith.

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