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Brochures Are Boring

This week for our Sandbox assignments in class, we need to make “a colorful vacation flyer or brochure for your [setting, making] it as realistic as possible, including things like historical facts, tourism sites, local restaurants and hotels, etc.” And this would be super fun if I had a fantasy setting or something, but guess what? My setting is the boring old world as we know it.

Whoopee. I may as well ask to be hired by some travel company so that I can make their super fun and informative brochures that people skim through when they’re bored. Or that they can burn when they have nothing else to use as fuel.

The other alternative? Make it really troll and fun, chucking out the “realistic” part and bringing in the “creative.” Like, hey, fun historical fact: a kid was skateboarding down the sidewalk when he skinned his knee in this very place about two weeks ago. Isn’t that something special? And you know, our exotic cuisine of fresh gas will make your car appreciate that you came. You won’t regret this memorable trip to our lovely city filled with average people, average places, and extraordinary brochures! Come back again to help our local economy; you’d be like a hero if anyone actually cared!

I mean, I don’t think my teacher will be really upset if I make her job of grading a bit more fun with ridiculous and rainbow-unicorn-filled pictures. Right?



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