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NP Update: Chapter 2

Well… this is later than usual because I postponed posting this due to hating how this chapter turned out xD But hey, Chapter 2 of Four Rules of Murder is now finally up. You can click here to view the chapter index, and if you still need the password for the page, see this post.


Chapter Excerpt:

You weren’t expecting me back this late.”

Derik spun around in the office chair. “There he goes again with his mind-reading skills.”

And there he goes again with his unnecessary third-person narration.” Seth began pulling off his sweatshirt, and his muffled voice continued, “If you’re that lonely, you should go get a girlfriend or something. Hang out at a club, pick up some girl who’s as desperate as you are.”

Derik ignored the comment. “I noticed you called that you were ‘home’ as you came in.”

I noticed that you’ve become adept at changing the subject when it doesn’t go the way you want it to.” Seth tossed his sweatshirt at the older man and disappeared into the bathroom by the tiny dresser, and after a split second, he popped his head back in and told Derik, “Please, don’t feel obliged to sit alone in the dark just because I like to.”

This isn’t home,” Derik called from the bedroom as Seth turned the shower on and closed the door.

Seth ignored Derik, pulling off his tennis shoes and throwing them at the door. He really didn’t feel the need to tell Derik again that he already knew this wasn’t home.

They’d been told that thousands of times. Rule number two, rule number two, care for nothing, don’t care. This was why Seth’s room only had a dresser, a bed, and a desk; just to remind him that he would never be home, that he should never feel at home, that he should never get attached to anything.

It’s just life, Seth reminded himself as he let the warm water run over his body. It’s not worth getting resentful over. Nothing’s really worth getting resentful over; resentment is just another emotion. Just take a deep breath and feel the resentment roll out, picture it disappearing into nothingness, let it go, let it fade, that’s right…



I'm just a kid in the big, wide world, trying to find my way through life by clinging to the hope of something better.

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