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Free Verse: Why


Why do we live?

Why do we walk only to fall down again?

Why do we breathe? Why do we care if anything happens?

Why do we laugh?

Why do we smile like pain doesn’t exist?

Why do we bother striving for grades or success when it all comes down to nothing?

Why do we kill each other word by word,

Stabbing each other in the backs,

Crying in shock when others do the same to us?

Why do we bother at all??


Why is love twisted to hate,

Innocence warped to murder,

Beauty reduced to scars,

Friendship to tears, life to death, hearts to stone, skin to blood?

Why are children unable to speak,

Hearts unable to beat,

People unable to keep

A tiny little promise?

Why do I sit here now and bother trying to speak to a deaf people?

Why am I so blind myself? Why can I not write poetry?

Why do I bother at all?

-March 9, 2017



I'm just a kid in the big, wide world, trying to find my way through life by clinging to the hope of something better.

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