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Novel Project Info Posted


(Wow, now I know why hardly any adults follow me.)

This is just an announcement to let you know that my Novel Project information has been posted as a page… or, to be more accurate, a few pages which will inevitably be added on to later. To make it clear, this is the novel for my TPS Creative Writing class and is called Four Rules of Murder. Yes, it is password-protected, but yes, you may request access to the sacred, top-secret, super cool magic word that will allow your cyber-passage into the fantastic unknown. If you’d like to request it, please use the form below because, well, no, I will NOT give it to you in the Comments section. Again, you can try to hack into it by pure keyboard force, but I doubt that’ll get you anywhere with this one.

Thanks :P

Oh, right, and one more important thing: when you’re asking for the password, you must be entirely respectful and address me with my correct title (Dear World Leader). Below is a paragon example of the correct address and tone; feel free to copy it and use it yourself if you find yourself too pressured to come up with anything better. However, if you can manage to be even more absurd than the below, you get extra points. (Don’t ask what points are for. They just exist.)

Dearest Amazingly Incredible World Leader,

Your humble servant slave hereby doth request Your Epicness to utter the magic word that hath the power and ability to grant this speck the rights to viewing the Dear World Leader’s novel project page(s). Your number one fan shall sacrifice a tub of ice cream for each character in the password (but please note, Your Fantasticness, that this is in no way bribery, as this flea could never in no way whatsoever have any power to convince the leader of the world to lend her powerful yet generous hand in any situation unbenefiting to herself or the world as a whole).

Forever remaining your submissive and loyal servant!

Novel Summary:

He’s just an ordinary guy. Except that he’s an elite agent, a killer… oh yeah. And he’s still a teenager.

As the fourth of the Tetrad, a group of assassins, Seth Grayson “doesn’t exist.” For most of his life, he’s been trained in killing, blending in, and disappearing. Only those in the tiny government-hired organization “Group” know of his existence, and his actions are constantly monitored from waking to sleeping.

When Seth is assigned to protect an ordinary high school student named Marshall Peterson, the assassin wants to refuse, but as he’s introduced to the life of a normal person, he finds his beliefs and morals forced into the spotlight and fiercely questioned. And as time goes on, it’s revealed that the Group may not be what it seems, and Seth and his friends will have to choose exactly whose side they’re on and what they’re fighting for.



I'm just a kid in the big, wide world, trying to find my way through life by clinging to the hope of something better.

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