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Writer Relatables

If you’re on one of those plentiful “internet breaks” right now from writing (or school, or work XD), here are some fun writer pictures I’m sure we’ll all scream “YES!” to.

Or just quit and start browsing the internet for fun pictures.
This is why my bedside wall is covered in sticky notes :P
…The pain is too real.
And when life hands you lemins, you need help with your spelling.
(If she hasn’t already done so.)
The true meaning of doubt.
And I may or may not be basing my antagonist character off of your personality. Just by the way.




I'm just a kid in the big, wide world, trying to find my way through life by clinging to the hope of something better.

9 thoughts on “Writer Relatables

  1. yes, yes, yes YES!!! all true!! especially the writer’s block and the one with the ideas, and the plan one, and…all of them xD D’you mind if I reblog this?


  2. OMS YES! First of all, the top picture is spot on. Writing is TOTALLY a superpower. Picture #1…. so relatable. Picture #2. Isn’t that the truth? Ideas seem to think its funny to only show up at NIGHT! Picture #3. Sadly, yes. They fall silent. :( Picture #4. Ah, yes…. Or when you miss the “s” in “she”……. Picture #5. YES! YES! I HAVE DONE THAT! YES! NEED I SAY MORE? Picture #6. That happens to me all the time. “Is this funny? Or do I just think its funny because of my wacko sense of humor?” Picture #6. That just made me happy.


      1. *evil smile* MMaaaayybbeeeeee. xD JK!!! But sometimes its hard to tell what is going on in my mind when you are reading my writing…. Sometimes I read it and think I should be locked away…….

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