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Everything Is About Me!

Yup. Breaking the rule I made for myself 4 days ago. That’s just the way life is, ’cause everything revolves around meeeeeee.

Have you ever taken psychology? I have a class in it this year, and we just learned about this thing called “adolescent egocentrism,” which is a developmental term given by psychologist Jean Piaget that’s obviously for adolescents. It talks about how teenagers draw inwards and tend to think everyone and everything is focused on them. “Are they judging how I look?” “They must’ve thought that what I did was sooo tacky…” “Everyone’s looking at me.”

But guess what?

Everyone else in the room is thinking the same thing!! Yeah, all your friends are busier worrying about what you think of them than about how you look, or how you said that “stupid thing” and totally embarrassed yourself. They’re not thinking twice about it, ’cause they’re too busy worrying about the stupid thing they said and how no one laughed at it. Isn’t that great? We’re all so busy thinking about ourselves when everyone else hardly notices.

The world doesn’t revolve around you. You’re not the only person with a different perspective, and to be brutally honest, hey! It’s not actually about you. You might be the main character in your story, but in everyone else’s, you’re another side character. It’s kind of relieving, isn’t it? You’re not the chosen hero who has to save the world. He already came about two thousand years ago. This is about Him.

Yeah. It’s not about me.



I'm just a kid in the big, wide world, trying to find my way through life by clinging to the hope of something better.

One thought on “Everything Is About Me!

  1. Yay for me! These are good points and I do need reminding that the whole world does not center around me and that, something I often forget, everybody else is wondering what this person thought about that stupid thing they just said! thanks!

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