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Pass the Genius Test

“Everyone’s special!” “Everyone’s a winner!” “Everyone’s unique!”

Congrats, I’m here to tell you that not everyone’s a genius!! Much as we like to think everybody wins, truth is… um, no, we don’t. And like Dash from The Incredibles says, saying everyone’s special is just another way of saying no one is.

Alright, just kidding… okay, maybe half kidding, because I do think everyone is unique and special, but maybe just not the way we all necessarily would like to be.

Anyway, that’s beside the point. I was just doing research on “geniuses” on YouTube, most of which came up as “child prodigies,” whether that be in music, art, science, math, or literature. There were a few memory prodigies too, but what I was looking for was evidence for the kinds of geniuses Orson Scott Card writes about. You know, Ender and Bean kind of smart. Battle School kind of smart.

NOPE! People apparently don’t get as much credit for that kind of intelligence.

But hey, that’s okay. Those kinds of people know who they are. As I skipped through these educational videos, though, I wondered if I could possibly fall under the category of genius. Maybe? :O Do the vast depths of my mind hide something beyond the glaring barrier of remarkable stupidity?

Just kidding. I watched videos about these kids who were under 10 who were accepted as members into Mensa, which is basically an exclusive group of intelligent people who get together and don’t let the stupid people in just to make everyone else feel inferior. (Again, kidding. I’m sure they do a lot with their great minds put together, like solve world hunger with Nutella.)

Anyway, I decided, why not come up with a test to test if someone’s a genius or not? The science behind it is so simple. So, just humor me and see if you can answer the following questions correctly and you’ll be awesome.

The Genius Test (4 Questions)

1. If 3 x 12 = 15364   and   7 x 14 = 21982  and  1 x 23 = 242323,  then 4 x 16 = ?

2. Map is to jelly as _____ is to jellyfish.

3. If all potatoes are beans and most beans are geniuses, does it follow that all potatoes must be geniuses?



If you answered the last one correctly…. CONGRATULATIONS!! YOU’RE A GENIUS!!


But hey, if you didn’t get everything right, that’s okay too. As Albert Einstein himself said…


…Oh, yeah, and here are the answers.

  1. 4 x 16 =20644 (add the two numbers to get 20, multiply them to get 64, divide the bigger number by the smaller to get 4)
  2. Map is to jelly as mapfish is to jellyfish. (C’mon, it was so obvious.)
  3. If all potatoes are beans and most beans are geniuses, does it follow that all potatoes must be geniuses? No. Everyone knows potatoes can’t be geniuses. (And if only “most” beans are geniuses, not all potatoes can be geniuses, too.)
  4. Are you a genius? YES.


I'm just a kid in the big, wide world, trying to find my way through life by clinging to the hope of something better.

4 thoughts on “Pass the Genius Test

  1. lol I’d never have figured out the first one but the other three were easy. Also, I DON’T AGREE WITH YOUR LAST ANSWER (or at least, in the way it applies to me.) My answer is: NO!!! I am not a genius xD ;)

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    1. Hahaha, good job, Nessie XD And pshtt, what are you talking about? You just passed the official Genius Test. You’re a fully-certified genius now.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. The answer to the first one…. 😮 I think you would have confused even Einstein. :D as for being a genius… I think I’m only genius in always finding new ways to prove myself an idiot :p

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