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It’s 2300!!


It’s currently 2300 (11 PM) on this side of the world, and I’m up doing nothing productive with my life!! Fantastic. That’s what we’ve all wanted with our short time here on Earth, right? To waste away in front of a computer with an earbud plugged unnecessarily in one ear when there’s not even any audio playing on the computer?

I look like a gamer o.o

But I’m not, ’cause I’ve got better things to do with my life than that. (But clearly I don’t.) I mean, I could work on those eight or so stories on my Novels-In-Progress List, but psshtttt, who wants to do that. Too much effort, right?

Ugh, disgusting. What am I turning into?

I don’t know. A random person in the big wide world who’s bored and too lazy to do anything about it. There’s always that extra homework to work on, but I already worked ahead (yeah right).

Well, off I pop. I’m glad I gave everyone something really deep and meaningful to think about before I skipped off to Dreamland.



I'm just a kid in the big, wide world, trying to find my way through life by clinging to the hope of something better.

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