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(CW) CW14: My Life “Scrapbook”

Project 14: Media Autobiography

This assignment? Choose ten books or songs to create a media autobiography of your life. This isn’t a list of favorites, though I do like all of the below. I made it a normal post because it doesn’t really count as Creative Writing. It’s supposed to be in somewhat chronological order until the end, where it mostly gets kind of general.

My Life “Scrapbook”

Rainbow Valley – L. M. Montgomery


The seventh book in the well-known Anne of Green Gables series, I chose this first because it resembles the carefree lifestyle, fun, and imagination of young children. As a kid, I was a spy, a hero, a chef, an adventurer, in my own “Rainbow Valley” called Hutland Forest (AKA my room) with my siblings and friends. We ruled the universe with our imaginations. But everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked…. just kidding.

There’s a Place for Us – Carrie Underwood


I’ve had atopic dermatitis/eczema since I was maybe two or three. It never bothered me much, but about five years ago, it flared up with a vengeance. I would lie awake at two in the morning scratching off my raw face and arms, and regardless of what horrible medications or diets we tried, it didn’t give in. When I couldn’t sleep, I would listen to this song and long for the place where I could finally be free from the torture; later the song also spoke to me as a third-culture kid, and whenever I feel out-of-place, I can sing of a place where I’ll finally belong.

Again – Yui


This song from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood talks about a haunted past, regret, and moving on. About a year ago I was having a hard time with school, stress, and some other personal issues, and I feel like this song describes that time pretty well. It’s almost full of bitterness, sorrow, and longing, and if I had known what the song meant back then, it probably would have been my theme song for a few months. I was angry at myself, mostly, but also at the world, both for being so flawed.

勇敢的心 – 汪峰


Usually after low times you hit a high time. For me, that was this past summer, where I got to go on an amazing trip to South Africa for a month to serve. You hear the word “amazing” a lot, but that time was truly amazing. God used that time to stretch, grow, and bless me with an incredible group of friends and a great time getting to know Him better. It really did “feel like flying,” and funnily enough, our project theme was “courageous,” similar to the title of this song: “Courageous Heart.”

Lord of the Flies – William Golding


I know this book is an interesting choice for an autobiography, but I am very much a perfectionist. Hardly anything I do is good enough for me, and other people often let me down because I have unrealistically high expectations. I see too many flaws in myself, other people, and the world, and since this book is basically about how fallen man is, I loved it in a terrible kind of way because it showed the truth about humanity. Since I can be too judgmental, I know I need to humble myself and lower my expectations. We’re only human, after all.

Everything – Lifehouse


(Sorry the album art is somewhat creepy o.o)

If I wanted to use one song to describe my relationship with God, this would probably be it. When I think of Him, all I can think of is that He’s everything I could ever want, and everything I need. Especially at the buildup, this song seems to capture the desperation and pure need for God and God alone: He is all I want! All I need!! And nothing else could ever satisfy this hunger, this undying thirst for Him. There’s also a powerful skit with this song that kind of represents the average person and rediscovering Christ. I think it’s relatable to anyone.

Safe and Sound – Tonight Alive


Yeah, it’s funny, because this is actually meant to be a secular song, but it could also describe my relationship with God. It’s about the high of it, how “nothing compares to what we share,” and how because of You, “I know how to carry the world.” With Him I’m safe and sound. No matter what happens, even if it all came crashing down, as long as He’s here, I’ll be safe and sound, and I’ll be okay with even the end of the world. That’s how good He is. That’s how deprived I am without Him.

Perfect (Hero’s Song) – Elisabeth Wong


Sorry if I seem vain for including this, but most of the time, only one of your own songs can really tell the depths of your heart. Out of all the songs I’ve written, the lyrics actually probably relate to me the most. Part of the chorus says: “You don’t, don’t know what you’re missing / Isn’t there a way it can stop for a while? / Let me peel off this smile / You think everything in my world is right / Well, I ain’t perfect.” Because, again, I’m a perfectionist, and sometimes it can feel like everyone else expects you to be perfect. This song is great to sing when I’m frustrated, because it’s telling the world and even myself that I can’t be perfect. It’s actually written from a hero’s point of view, which is more evident in the verses, but I think it’s applicable to anyone when the expectations are too high.

The Little Prince – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


I love this story about true love and remembering the simplicity of childhood. Even by the first chapter you can see how the author prompts readers to go back to a child-like mindset: “Grown-ups never understand anything by themselves, and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explaining things to them.” Humans in general tend to think we know everything, but this story makes us re-think by telling everything in a childish manner, explaining deep concepts with such simple words. Isn’t that funny? As a girl who still enjoys imaginary games and children’s stories better than PG-13 movies and video games, I hope I can retain a child-like mindset and dependency on God no matter how old I live to be.

The Great and Terrible Quest – Margaret Lovett


Finally, in this story, an orphan teams up with an old knight suffering from amnesia, and both go out to discover their identities on a great and terrible quest to restore the rightful king to the throne. My quest to discover who I am and what I should do is ongoing, but I’m slowly getting there as God opens and closes doors to show me where I will end up someday. Even if I’m uncertain, He has a perfect plan that I’ll just have to trust in.. and eventually, the rightful King will be on the throne forevermore.



I'm just a kid in the big, wide world, trying to find my way through life by clinging to the hope of something better.

2 thoughts on “(CW) CW14: My Life “Scrapbook”

  1. So is your song recorded? Cuz now I need to hear it! And by the way, I found it super incredibly cool, and not stuck-up at all, that you included it! Really love those lyrics. =) ‘Twas cool getting to know you a little more!


    1. I only have the song on my iPod haha… and thank you! I know, I think it’s been really fun reading others’ projects this week XD


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