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(CW) Journal 14: A Journal on Journaling

Guess what the topic for today’s journal is?

Journaling! Great.

Just so you know, the picture isn’t a picture of my journal. My journal isn’t that cool, and my handwriting isn’t that nice and legible, either.

Also, fun fact: the difference between a diary and a journal is that a diary is typically a more strict record of daily activities, while a journal is more personal and can also record thoughts, feelings, and basically anything else the writer wants. Aren’t you glad I looked it up for you?

Yup. I’m doing it. I’m writing a journal about journaling. The main question is, what do I think the value of regular journaling is?

Hi. I’m a geek. (More geeky than nerdy. I didn’t know the difference until five minutes ago, either.) And today I’m going to tell you a few good reasons to start up regular journaling.

Reason 1? It can relieve stress without you having to talk anyone’s ears off. It just writes your fingers off instead. Plus, you can write anything you want without worrying about someone judging you. It’s all secret…

Reason 2: apparently, it makes you smarter. Maybe it’s just the act of cognitively thinking through the words as you think and write them down, or maybe people are just making it up so that they know your thought processes when they secretly read your private thought life :O Either way, the internet says journaling makes you smarter, and we all know the internet never lies.

Reason number three, it can help you process through events, thoughts, and feelings. Journaling forces you to think through everything. It can give you new perspective and maybe help you to understand what just happened. That’s great for me.

Finally, reason 4, it obviously can help you to remember things better. Processing through the events and re-living them by writing them down can enhance your memory of what happened (or so they say). If you forget when something happened, you can probably flip through your old journals to try to find it, assuming you journaled that day.

I could go on about how great journaling is, but honestly, I think it’s just preference. Some people like journaling better; other people like talking to others about it.

Personally, I like journaling in the good old notebook, because you can bring it anywhere and do it basically at any time, even if your computer/phone battery is dead. You don’t have to worry about keeping it up, or annoying the person, or anything, really, because it’s all personal. I don’t have to apologize to my journal when I miss a day or two, which I usually do. It’s fantastic.

I’m not sure if I’ll maintain the writing blog. I suppose it depends on how busy I get later.

Oh, but one random tip for journaling before I go: if you journal, don’t do journals like this journal. Don’t write journals that everyone can see, because that’s different from a real journal. When it’s public, you’re writing for the people who read your blog. When it’s private, you’re free to do whatever you want.

Thus concludes my journal on journaling.



I'm just a kid in the big, wide world, trying to find my way through life by clinging to the hope of something better.

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