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He is David. He has sinned.

He is with a woman. They are both chained to the shore, chained to the bottom of the knee-deep water, for they have displeased a righteous God with a burning wrath.

He is David, but I am David. I have sinned, and I await my inevitable death.

We will drown. We both know it. I can already feel the air being squeezed out of my lungs, wanting to gasp for air, but in vain, as the waters rise and toss us about like little rag dolls in a frothing, angry ocean. But I can only see it as a temporary experience, something to get through, until I can really live.

We are alone. The waters are beginning to crawl up, with their strong bodies ready to pound against us mercilessly until all breath has been driven out of our frail bodies. I wait. They continue to rise, pushing slowly against us, slowly, but painfully, deliberately… I know a hope waits beyond the dark tunnel.

They have engulfed us. There is nothing but darkness down here. The chain gnaws at my wrist as the ocean drags me around in a giant whirlpool. My throat burns. I need air. Oxygen. But I only have to wait until eternal glory.

But the tides are retreating now, and I emerge, gasping, taking in the sweet air with everything I am. She is alive. We are alive. The waves have retreated. The air welcomes us back with a warm gust of wind.

We are forgiven. The golden gates will wait for later.

Oh, the grace of a loving God!

This is a story version of a random dream I had the other night. Interestingly enough, this is actually what happened, which makes a strange amount of sense considering it was a dream. Except for the fact that I was David, but I wasn’t. I knew David died in the Bible, obviously, but in my dream, I couldn’t remember how “I” had died.

Maybe the most interesting thing that stuck out to me about it was that I just saw death as something I had to go through temporarily. Death seems frightening because of how permanent it seems. In light of eternity, though, it does tend to be rather temporary. It’s like an exam you can’t wait to get through just so that you don’t have to put up with it anymore; you look forward to the end because you know it only lasts for so long. That was how I saw death in my dream. And honestly, even though God spared my life in the end, I was almost disappointed, because I was so ready for heaven. I was ready to die because I knew something much better waited beyond the dark tunnel.

I deserved death. I deserve it now. But God doesn’t only spare my physical life; He gives me His eternal life as well. He gives me the air to breathe for my body and my soul. He has the power to take it away at any moment. Would you be ready to breathe eternal life if this life was taken away from you this instant?



I'm just a kid in the big, wide world, trying to find my way through life by clinging to the hope of something better.

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