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(CW) Journal 13: Here Comes the Bride

This journal topic is weddings. And all I can think about is how thirteen is considered an unlucky number. It is ugly, isn’t it?

There are some things I sometimes wish I could appreciate more. One of those things is weddings.

Yes, I’m one of those terrible people, because I find weddings incredibly. Boring. You show up in fancy clothes, you sit down, you wait, you watch fancily-dressed people walk across the floor in the usual boring walk, and then you sit while this person drones on about things that are probably important but often not interesting. Then you get to maybe talk to the bride and groom for about thirty seconds during the reception (assuming they have one), and then everyone goes home after chucking bird feed at the newlyweds (at least in the movies).

I know. I’m horrible. I know it’s a super special day for them, and I know it’s sacred, and I know it’s kind of cool (ish), and I know they spent more money on the dress than is probably even legal, and I know it took months of planning. (Right?)

Maybe when it’s my wedding I’ll be a little more ecstatic. I’ve been in a few weddings as the flower girl, which I have no memory of, but I think I’ve been to more weddings than I should have at my age. My parents were marriage counselors, so our family got to attend a lot of weddings in our second language, meaning I understood basically nothing of what anyone was saying. (“Holy matrimony”? “Until death do us part”? I barely know what those mean in English.) Then for the meal, we’d typically get a ton of super expensive foods like turtle, frog legs, sea slugs, maybe shark fin soup? Which was exciting and stuff, but they’re things a kid could do without.

My favorite part about a wedding is the end. I mean, it sounds mean, but it actually is, because then the bridge and groom are super excited and the families are basically crying with joy, and you realize maybe the world isn’t such a horrid place after all.

For my own wedding, I want something super small with only our closest family and friends there. And it’d be great if it was surrounded by nature, because nature is awesome.

That’s about it. It’d be great if it didn’t cost an arm and a leg, too.



I'm just a kid in the big, wide world, trying to find my way through life by clinging to the hope of something better.

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