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On a Crummy Day


Right now I’m honestly feeling pretty crappy. I don’t think it’s just because Christmas is over, either, and it’s probably not because break is winding down, though those may be contributing factors. I think I’m probably just tired. But I still feel like a piece of garbage, so here I am to rant it out.

Just kidding(?). I know it’s annoying when people complain, because everyone’s selfish, and then it almost becomes a contest to see who’s more miserable and has life harder. Like we have to prove that we’re having it tough too, and suddenly every little “bad” thing turns into this huge gaping hole of everything we lack, or everything we don’t like, or anything that bugs us at all.

Isn’t that something? Here I am complaining about people complaining, when there are how many people around me who are suffering so much more? But it would be nice if we could try looking more at every little thing we do have. We take so much for granted – even “little” things like color. I mean, check out the videos of color-blind people trying on glasses from companies like EnChroma, where people are actually crying because they can finally see just how beautiful and stunning the world is that they’ve been missing out on without even knowing it. Or how about a twenty-six year old mom hearing her son’s voice for the first time thanks to a cochlear implant?

Don’t we have a lot to be grateful for?

That’s a good way to brighten up your day. When everything else seems to be veering out of control, take a good look – and I mean really look, really listen – at the world around you. I think the simplest joys are some of the best ones God has blessed us with.

And look, I think I wrote this more for my sake than yours. This made me feel a lot better x)

Let’s go live then!!



I'm just a kid in the big, wide world, trying to find my way through life by clinging to the hope of something better.

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