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“Random Symbols”

Okay, right now I’m kind of pissed off.

You know those moments when you’re writing your Creative Writing assignment, and you make your characters speak another language (that’s very real, by the way), and the document seems to get it but then goes haywire once you close it?

Just now I stuck bits of Korean into an OpenOffice document, because I’m cheap and don’t wanna buy a yearly subscription to Microsoft Word despite how superior it may be to free programs .-. (I’m not a paid writer, okay?) I was looking up Korean hangeul (alphabet…thing….) online and copying and pasting it into the document, because I’m pathetic and don’t really know how to use a Korean keyboard even if I do know how to say the words themselves >.>

Anyway, OpenOffice was being super good and docile, so I saved and closed my document to look at it later for editing. When I opened it again, though, it had changed all the Korean into weird symbols like this: ¾È³ç,¼öÁ¦ºñ. ±èÄ¡ .À°°³Àå

……..what the budgie??? I don’t even know how to make those symbols when I’m trying.

So at least in my document version, I’ll probably have to use Korean romanization instead of hangeul, which makes me sad. But to make things worse, as I was looking up a suitable picture for this post, I looked up “random symbols” on Bing pictures, and guess what result came up?


…ha…. haha…. funny!! Because it’s not like most of those “random symbols” don’t happen to be part of the writing system of the most commonly-spoken language in the world, right? RIGHT? (I mean, technically the characters in this picture are supposed to be Japanese – you know, Kanji, Chinese characters, that good stuff – but I know Chinese way more than Japanese, so I’ll stick with my stuff.)

Really, though?! Technology is insulting me and my heritage right now.

This. Is. War.



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