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(CW) Journal 11: Talk Less

Today’s journal topic? Difficult conversations.

Woopee! ‘Cause we love having conversations about difficult conversations; those are always the best, right? Ha… ha ha… gotta love the bully lovely person who came up with these prompts…. -_-||

Alright, fine. If you really need to know, I guess I can make one up. Let’s go with one from this summer, when I wanted to settle things with an old friend. She’d hurt me and my sister a few years ago by kind of giving us the cold shoulder after we’d been buddies for a while, but I wasn’t sure she even knew that we’d been hurt since she’d moved away. I needed to get it out, so I asked if we could talk. Mostly I stuttered through it awkwardly – like, yeah, I’m a writer, but with writing you’re just bleeding onto a page without worrying about how well people understand it. Most of your stuff won’t be read anyway, and you can always go back and edit. But words are more permanent; once they’re out, they’re out. Plus, it’s your tongue doing the work, not your hands. My hands like me better than my tongue does, possibly because of what I’ve made it go through with Chinese herbal medicine.

Anyway, despite my lack of speaking skills, my friend understood. She hadn’t known or realized how much she had hurt us, and she apologized and gave a little bit of explanation. Overall, it was a pretty good talk, if you take out the awkwardness and lack of social skills on this kid’s part. At least it cleared away a lot of old negative feelings.

And you know, I’d love to know what the secret to good communication is. I know Christ and love are in there somewhere, but that’s about it. The world would be a much better place if we just knew how to listen and talk to each other, wouldn’t it? Talk less; smile more. We really don’t need all these trillions of useless words thrown around so carelessly. Let’s just get bigger ears and smaller mouths.

Yeah, maybe that’s it. Talk less; listen more.



I'm just a kid in the big, wide world, trying to find my way through life by clinging to the hope of something better.

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