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How to Enjoy Social Media

Lately I’ve been learning how to enjoy things more, especially things on social media and all that, where how many “followers” or “Likes” you have can make you feel amazing or vastly inferior and pathetic.You know, like on Instagram where how many followers you have is kind of an indication of how popular you might be? Or how many Likes your WordPress post gets is an indication of how well you wrote?


The problem is that those numbers seem to transform how many people “like” us and/or our work into a countable measure, which can easily be compared to others. But then you find yourself going out of your way to please people, and it all becomes about that number; then suddenly that fluctuating digit holds so much importance in your life that its rate can affect your entire day.

Isn’t that kind of pathetic? I mean, it’s part of human nature to want to compare to others to make sure we’re doing “well,” but when your attitude flips from cheerful to suddenly depressed just because of your social media, isn’t that a bit much? What was our purpose for joining that website anyway?

Well, I don’t know about you, but I just want to have fun with it. When it all suddenly becomes a competition to see who’s the most popular, though, it’s not fun anymore. It’s painful. It’s brutal, because by these standards, you’re never going to be good enough for others and, more importantly, yourself. You’re putting your value on a group of fickle humans. You’re not appreciating your friends’ humor because it “outdoes” your work; you’re not congratulating people who are doing well because it hurts your pride; you’re not doing it for fun because you need something important from it.

How do we stop comparing, though?

The issue is with our identity. We’ve placed too much value on others’ opinions because we don’t feel security from anything else. What if, though, there’s someone who tells you that nothing you can do will make you any more beloved? What if there’s nothing you can do to make yourself less beloved? What if you’ll be accepted despite how many times you screw up, how often you compare yourself, how insignificant or inferior you feel?

Congrats. God – the God of the entire Universe, the One who’s more powerful than all mythological gods combined – knows you, loves you, and values you no matter what.You’re trying to get an important person’s attention? You’re already there.In fact, you’re more than there. You’re His.

Why do you keep comparing yourself, then? Isn’t this social media stuff just for fun?

Yeah. It is. So let’s keep it fun by ignoring the numbers. Let’s be a community that’s real and caring instead of fake and comparing. Let’s find joy in social media, not because we’re good, but because God is.



I'm just a kid in the big, wide world, trying to find my way through life by clinging to the hope of something better.

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