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How to Roast a Clump of Baby Marshmallows

Well, here is an interesting and delicious new adventure.

We have a bag of baby marshmallows, but they’re all stuck together because of the humidity here. Whenever you want a marshmallow, you have to rip it off from a giant chunk of fluffy white sugar, then tear it off from your fingers because it’s so sticky.

And I was eating these marshmallows, and then I thought it would be really, really great if I could roast them somewhere. Mom told me that roasting it over the stove is too dangerous (whaat?), so I had to use my great problem-solving skills to get these babies roasted. But how? I didn’t want to light one of those huge fires upstairs in our manual grill, and I couldn’t exactly bake them (…as far as I knew…).

…Well, I was stumped as to how I would get my marshmallows roasted. Then I saw a great big candle sitting right across from me.

The best part is, my mom actually agreed as long as I cleaned up my mess afterwards. So minutes later, I got to enjoy my roasted clumps of baby marshmallows (that were somewhat burnt, because really, who knew a candle flame could toast them so thoroughly?). And I sat happily at the dining table, roasting my baby marshmallows over an open (candle) fire.

Now, you’re probably thinking, what’s the moral of this story? Did I just waste your time? Obviously I don’t want you to miss this valuable lesson, so here it is just in case:


And really well, as long as you don’t have to share your itty bitty flame with anyone else. So next time you’re desperate, use your genius mind to come up with an amazing idea that everyone else will mock… until they see you eating your delicious, golden-roasted baby marshmallows.



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