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(CW) Journal 5: The Fate of His World

Today’s Journal is supposed to be about a difficult situation I didn’t know how I would get out of. While the situation I chose is somewhat humorous, I truly didn’t think I would get out alive xP But I guess I’ll let you judge how serious the situation really was.

As a writer, I get to control whole universes: people, places, events. I have the power to literally make anything happen. But when I first started writing and finished my first novel, I originally worked with a sister and a friend, which meant I had more boundaries and other interesting complications.

So one day, my friend – whom I’ll just call Eva – was sleeping over at our house so we could write our series and basically goof off (and of course gorge ourselves on candy in the meantime). I always edited all of our chapters as we wrote, and at one point Eva sent me her latest chapter through email. I began reading the chapter to start editing it, and then…

I died.

At least, I died on the inside, because it was really… well… interesting. Because suddenly my character, Archer, was randomly making love to Eva’s character, Clara, who had had a not-so-secret crush on my poor guy for the past couple of novels. I mean, sure, I’d technically agreed to say they could start something lightly, but just a chapter earlier he had been narrating and still treated her and saw her as an ordinary friend. Now he’s blushing and stammering out a confession of love?


And the thing is, I don’t have good enough social skills to intercede even in my characters’ love life; I haven’t even had experience in the real world yet (praise the Lord, hallelujah). So I started panicking, because how do you tell your friend that you really don’t like a scene without hurting her feelings? Maybe I could just leave it.

…But did I really want to leave my character, my creation, my friend, in such a love-struck, silly situation – leave him to be someone who hardly even resembled him anymore?

As Eva was busy with her computer, I gestured to my sister Ali and made a choking action. She emailed me to ask what was wrong, and I poured out the story online to her, even though we were literally sitting right across from each other. Then, Ali gave me some of the best advice ever: just consult Eva about it politely and say the truth in a nice way.

It took me about an eternity to finally muster up the courage, but I finally did it.

So now I’m proud to say that, though poor Clara’s heart ended up being broken (with Eva’s understanding and consent), my sister and I were able to save the fate of Archer’s world. I never thought I could get through it, but with the help of God (and Ali), I did.

Now I can’t stop thanking Ali enough. Evidently even speaking the truth will set you (and your characters) free.



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