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Things to Never Say to… a Homeschooler

We all know those strange kids who study at home. You know, those kids who lack social skills because all they do is stay cooped up at home, sleeping in late and staying in their pyjamas all day? Those kids who really have life easy because they don’t go to “real school”?

…stop it. You’re killing me. You’re slandering the name of “homeschooler.” But wait… you don’t know what else to say to homeschoolers? Well, at least here is a list of things you know you shouldn’t say.

  1. “You’re actually not that awkward for a homeschooler.” Right… because all homeschoolers are socially awkward, just like all blondies must be stupid, right? …yeah, not really. That’s like saying all traditionally-schooled kids must be extroverts. The way you’re schooled doesn’t make a difference on your social skills; it just makes a difference in how often you’re stuck with people in a class.
  2. “How do you make friends?” …well, I dunno, I thought the normal way was to start with introducing do YOU guys do it?
  3. Have you ever gone to ‘real’ school?” Um. You just mean a physical school set apart from my house, right? …or are you trying to say that the way I’m being educated is illegitimate? :O (Though homeschooling actually is illegal in some countries. Props to you homeschoolers out in Germany.)
  4. Homeschooling is so easy.” Yeah, maybe based off your experience from when you were homeschooled. But see, the thing about homeschooling is that there are a billion ways to do it, and homeschooling parents get to choose from a variety of different ways to homeschool their kids. Some programs are simply more rigorous; others can be more lenient. So just because your time of homeschooling was a breeze doesn’t mean all the other homeschoolers are getting up at 1300 every day to start school too.

So yeah, those are basically a few things you shouldn’t say to a homeschooler :P



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2 thoughts on “Things to Never Say to… a Homeschooler

  1. This is great haha, honestly the homeschoolers I have met are way more sociable then kids I have been around at public school… just saying lol

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