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Look at the Stars

Go on. Look at those stars. Tell me what you see.

Assuming you don’t live in a place where pollution and/or clouds always block out those beautiful, song-inspiring charms hanging in the sky, you probably see some incredible things. Look at how the sparkling little jewels make pretty patterns in the sky, and – oh! Did you see the shooting star just then? (…or was it an airplane…)

Stars fascinate us. We’re enraptured by their beauty. They look like little lights dangling down from the heavens, little orbs of joy that are sent to give us a sign of some greater purpose beyond the reaches of our galaxy… bright angels hovering over the earth. For thousands of years have we marveled at those little lights in our universe. They’re so beautiful, so awe-inspiring, so dreamy…

And then those scientists go and tell us that they’re just big balls of gas millions of light years away.

Well, ha, okay, just go and spoil it why don’t you! You guys just ruined a dreamer’s fantasies. Really, how much more unromantic can you get? You’d at least think maybe stars were little floating candles (*cough* Hogwarts) that some glorious creatures lit at night, but noooope, all we get are flaming balls of fire that we can never reach. Does anyone else find that sad?? Anne of Green Gables was probably crushed when she heard that for the first time.

It’s just sad that some people find life so stiff and fact-based, then have to go ruin it for everyone else by telling us all about their research. But we don’t have to believe their lies; we can go on and keep telling ourselves that stars really are fireflies that flew too high up and got caught in the sky… (Hakuna Matata…)



I'm just a kid in the big, wide world, trying to find my way through life by clinging to the hope of something better.

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